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How I became fucked in the head

My life so far… A wet piece of crap on a mouldy piece of bread, shit sandwich.

Jobless (check)
Cloth less (check)
Homeless (check)

I blame astrology! I really hate horror-scopes but everything seems to happen in them correctly, I don’t wanna be a typical Gemini, when it comes to love they’re fucked, I’m always in two minds about everything!

Sagittarius moon makes me easy going and lucky, erm, scuse me? WHAT??

Sleep deprivation is a killer, and I can’t sleep, bad dreams, I miss my kitties!
😦 keep having dreams I’m falling, I reckon I’m sleep walking too, my feng shui is all out of wack!

Need my stuff! Need my bedroom, need my mum, no fuck her, shes a bad mother anyways, wasn’t really around for the terrible (influential) years probably why I’m a fucking fruit-loop!

I had some good baby sitters! One lass in particular, from treeton, don’t remember her name, just can remember vividly my mum helping her move out of her house where she had abusive parents (abusive mother) and she could live with us if she baby sat me.

Her mother wouldn’t allow it. She also wanted to go to university and something but she had abusive parents, always arguing, mum wanted to feel like the hero by putting her up, while she worked, like a big sister but not quite the same.

House of rules, for everyone bar mum, Joseph fritzel and my mother were in same league!

Dirty nappies aren’t quite the same when your rushed through potty training! I liked poo time, was my time to reflect on today’s activities, was a struggle to get me in bath though!

If I could stay naked my whole life I would! My body is gorgeous! If I could just go to a nudist beach and lay there I would!

I wanted to pick my clothes too, she always put me in fucking stupid floaty dresses, forced me to be a girly girl until I thought nope fuck off gimme some jeans and a t-shirt and let me dress myself.

I was a miniature her, HOW LUDACRIS! she had me to make herself feel better, and as soon as I decide to go to Uni, she drags me back.

I need to find Craig Hargate! My teacher, my best teacher, I fucking hated him, yet he was the best teacher I ever had, Mrs Wilks, my teacher, my best teacher, I fucking hated her, she was the best teacher I ever had.

I wasn’t a bad pupil, to be honest, I kept calling Mrs Wilks “mum” by accident, Mr Hargate said if I don’t go to university the education system will have failed me, the education system didn’t fail me, my mother failed to see I was quite educated.

My mother, I fucking loved her, she was the worst teacher I ever had.

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