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I have a new job which I started on the 5th of may! And I really love it, I have wonderful conversations with the customers and I’m getting to grips with the system, should be getting paid a full wage on 27th of April and I cannot wait

I got accepted into DeMontford journalism and media and communications joint honours, it’s a really good course and I’m really excited to start it. I got accepted after writing the 500 word essay, and I’ve sent my student finance off already!

I’m still single but I don’t mind, and I’m still in love with warren, but then again I still don’t mind.

To be honest, life is looking really good 🙂 x

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Love and other drugs

I miss my lovers, I miss Alex for showing me the taste of weed, I also miss weed! OMG no my will power is stronger than that! My rib cage hurts, can’t gulp properly and I’m dropping little nuggets in the toilet.
If this is what it’s like to get off cannabis then I feel sorry for smack heads!
I hate/love/hate that green sticky substance, I’m a bloodhound for it! Pulling my own eyelashes out so I can eat them, you ever had the munchies so bad you could eat your own toes?
My Tongue is lolling, my chest hurts, my ribcage is digging into my powerful lungs, my muscles are massive and my tummy is rock hard!
I feel like I’m seizing up! Growing my hyman back, so I can be pure again!
I’m dehydrated, my back is sore and I feel like I’ve been boxing, don’t all your bruises come out when you die?
My nans water is ever so salty! Bye carb does wonders to your washing, not so much to your mind!
Got a taste for by carb, granddads pills look tasty, dehydrates, wonder what they’d do to my skin!
I miss Alex, but I miss Warren more, I miss him so much that I walk the same way he takes his dogs.
I’m under mega amounts of stress and my body is coping so well!
Little by little I’m curing myself of all the damage that has been done to me, that scar tissue, all the birth marks, all the pain.
I was shot in first world war.
I was stabbed in second world war.
I came from Russia, because I can speak a language I don’t understand!
Keep asking god what it means but for some reason the ignorant bastard keeps going “all the languages under the earth and you don’t know where you belong”?
I belonged with Alex, but that shit head taught me bad things, I belong with warren but I’m a bit too fruity for warren…
Especially when I’m drunk, or doped up, I dunno maybe life’s little drugs make Natalie an Aphrodisiac!

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Making love to demons

Making love to demons.
Makes you a bit crazy for it after a while, suspicion is a heavy thing and I don’t trust anyone.
You gotta learn who’s ya friend and who’s ya enemy, but sometimes friends can become let’s say, wary of you because you progress in life, I.e you meet the one or you move away, you never really keep someone for so long that they are your rock.
I blame Facebook, baitbook, people used to have values, they were your type, they didn’t go after your friends as soon as you were showing signs of resentment.
It’s just who you trust! How you trust, maybe communication broke down stable relationships, lack if it, too much of it to other people.
It’s wrong when your partner tells you to stop talking to certain people, or anyone for that matter, I will speak and flirt with anyone I like thank you very much and you need to trust I don’t cheat, because when I love you I won’t.
I personally hate Facebook, defines a relationship, made me realise I had too much pent up anger towards men and girls that used to think there better than me!
And still think there better than you because they are better known, is it really about relations, is it really about who ya know than what ya know!
Well I knew the devil, I think it’s better that I did than I didn’t!

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