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The Essay for Uni

She emailed asking me to complete a piece of work to see if I was intelligent enough to go to their uni, they don’t want failures on there statistics, but if I get into that uni I will make sure I wont fail with the level of teaching they have.
A 500 piece essay on two questions.
I chose; Is Journalism important? Justify your answer.

I did two drafts, the first one enabled me to write it out but I was chewing over the structure and the format and if it answered the question, the word I was most dumb-fucked over was “justify”??

In the end I came out with this:

Journalism; informative, entertaining, persuasive and instructive, it is important to many aspects of living.

One justification of why journalism is important is the way it aids democratic societies understand politics. The Journalist’s job is to dilute the information into understandable pieces for the public to render their decision on. Journalism is described as the public serving “watchdog” over powerful organisation, aiding political transparency to create a more ethical way to run a country, therefore democratic public can have a clear idea on what policies and agenda’s are included in which manifesto. Such as the new NHS reforms that may action, I’ve heard many different opinions towards this, and it’s important to discuss and evaluate how it will affect things.
Local Journalism aids communities to become more self-sufficient, by the knowledge of important events, changes to area, and crime reporting. International Journalism is important because it not only gives us an international awareness but also cultural understanding, such as the Benizir Bhutto assassination, from this we learned about the hostile environment towards women’s rights and women in power.

This leads me to the justification of how it has helped social development, it holds extreme social importance, civil rights act, such as the equality act, African American civil rights movements, women’s rights, and homosexual rights, would still be an idea of a minority group if the disputes, protests and riots where not publicized. Publication through journalism helped these issues become spread so they could gain a stronger quantity to be law. It is important to protests and disputes, to gain the maximum effect needed for change by publication.
A service strike will not yield as much power if no one knows about it. Journalism aids these important and socially advanced ideas to form a stronger community and individual importance.

Entertainment is also a justification of why journalism is important, we can see its importance today as it fuels debate television shows such as “The Wright Stuff”, “8 out of Ten Cats”, and “Loose Women”. Individuals who digest the information delivered by journalism form an idea and opinion; therefore majority opinions create another structure to then be discussed. Sport journalism is a very important entertainment justification, I doubt without the football headlines, league football wouldn’t be the multi-million franchise it is nowadays.

History is also another justification of why journalism is important, it becomes documentation of past events, which therefore can be used to forecast and summarize future political or economic structure and outcomes. Documenting evolution and development in the world helps us to further evolve and develop. Without this documentation of history we would hold no proof and we may go round and round in decades using the same failed technique for something.

Journalism is the investigation, and the report, without it in a democratic country, individuals would hold power to vote but would be ignorant to what they were voting for and how it would affect them.

In the case of the reader, knowledge is power. ”

Think the ending is quite catchy, any whoo, lets hope they like it, and think I’m smart enough to go there, or it looks like kylie will be saying hello to me and i will have 22yr old female flat mate in hudds 🙂



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