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Age and standards

We have a perfect ideal scenario what we would like our life to be like, 2.4 children, athletic husband, supermodel wife, and then we have our standard and the standard amount of bullshit we are gonna take before we realise it’s not the ideal.
As we get older, does our standard get lower and the standard amount of bullshit increase as the deadline gets nearer?
Most women have a perfect age where they would like to be married, have children, buy a house, what about the men in world who have certain deadlines and family aspiration, where do they come in, or do they just sit on the edge and wait to be tucked in neatly to our plan!

Desperate times lead to desperate measures, but why should we take the shit because it’s not our ideal, I think “perfect” is out of the question unless your posh and becks, but never let your standard drop or you bullshit threshold get higher!

But maybe time is running out because your being a too picky.

1.What’s your ideal scenario of life and what are doing to achieve it?
2.What are your ideals and do you think you CAN achieve them?

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