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I have a new job which I started on the 5th of may! And I really love it, I have wonderful conversations with the customers and I’m getting to grips with the system, should be getting paid a full wage on 27th of April and I cannot wait

I got accepted into DeMontford journalism and media and communications joint honours, it’s a really good course and I’m really excited to start it. I got accepted after writing the 500 word essay, and I’ve sent my student finance off already!

I’m still single but I don’t mind, and I’m still in love with warren, but then again I still don’t mind.

To be honest, life is looking really good 🙂 x

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The Essay for Uni

She emailed asking me to complete a piece of work to see if I was intelligent enough to go to their uni, they don’t want failures on there statistics, but if I get into that uni I will make sure I wont fail with the level of teaching they have.
A 500 piece essay on two questions.
I chose; Is Journalism important? Justify your answer.

I did two drafts, the first one enabled me to write it out but I was chewing over the structure and the format and if it answered the question, the word I was most dumb-fucked over was “justify”??

In the end I came out with this:

Journalism; informative, entertaining, persuasive and instructive, it is important to many aspects of living.

One justification of why journalism is important is the way it aids democratic societies understand politics. The Journalist’s job is to dilute the information into understandable pieces for the public to render their decision on. Journalism is described as the public serving “watchdog” over powerful organisation, aiding political transparency to create a more ethical way to run a country, therefore democratic public can have a clear idea on what policies and agenda’s are included in which manifesto. Such as the new NHS reforms that may action, I’ve heard many different opinions towards this, and it’s important to discuss and evaluate how it will affect things.
Local Journalism aids communities to become more self-sufficient, by the knowledge of important events, changes to area, and crime reporting. International Journalism is important because it not only gives us an international awareness but also cultural understanding, such as the Benizir Bhutto assassination, from this we learned about the hostile environment towards women’s rights and women in power.

This leads me to the justification of how it has helped social development, it holds extreme social importance, civil rights act, such as the equality act, African American civil rights movements, women’s rights, and homosexual rights, would still be an idea of a minority group if the disputes, protests and riots where not publicized. Publication through journalism helped these issues become spread so they could gain a stronger quantity to be law. It is important to protests and disputes, to gain the maximum effect needed for change by publication.
A service strike will not yield as much power if no one knows about it. Journalism aids these important and socially advanced ideas to form a stronger community and individual importance.

Entertainment is also a justification of why journalism is important, we can see its importance today as it fuels debate television shows such as “The Wright Stuff”, “8 out of Ten Cats”, and “Loose Women”. Individuals who digest the information delivered by journalism form an idea and opinion; therefore majority opinions create another structure to then be discussed. Sport journalism is a very important entertainment justification, I doubt without the football headlines, league football wouldn’t be the multi-million franchise it is nowadays.

History is also another justification of why journalism is important, it becomes documentation of past events, which therefore can be used to forecast and summarize future political or economic structure and outcomes. Documenting evolution and development in the world helps us to further evolve and develop. Without this documentation of history we would hold no proof and we may go round and round in decades using the same failed technique for something.

Journalism is the investigation, and the report, without it in a democratic country, individuals would hold power to vote but would be ignorant to what they were voting for and how it would affect them.

In the case of the reader, knowledge is power. ”

Think the ending is quite catchy, any whoo, lets hope they like it, and think I’m smart enough to go there, or it looks like kylie will be saying hello to me and i will have 22yr old female flat mate in hudds 🙂



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Huddersfield Uni and De Montfort have both accepted me, DMU being that i have to write a 500 word essay to the question “Is Journalism Important? Justify your answer.”. I’ve whittled on how it benefits politics, economics and society as a medium, locally nationally and internationally. But I’m totally gonna stage my introduction better. I would love to go to De Montford Uni I can see it now, bombing down the motorway in my little shifter hot hatch I WILL be buying with May’s pay packet!
I’m really bothered about this job however, all I want is Woz or someone like him to cuddle me up, settle down and get a nice house and things, I’m starting not to want University but if i have a degree I can get miles better jobs in a sector that keep me entertained all my life. Something fast paced and communicative, which is definitely what career choices this course can offer.
I’m so bored at home as well, I have ZERO money, I haven’t left the house in more than 2 weeks, and I’ve forgotten how to apply make-up, god unemployment sucks major ass.

TWELVE MORE DAYS AND I START WORK, I’m counting down the days how sad am I? Seriously?
I am looking forward to the early mornings and walking down that street all professional and good-looking..
I need to be the model employee when it comes to this new job if I want to secure a transfer and also get disability student allowance I can carefully store away and save for nice things, like furniture and make up :P.

Hopefully switch my contract after 6 months to a weekend one so I can come back and do my shifts then piss off back to Uni once I’ve earned my cheddar.
Still get glazed in my hometown on a Friday night when work calls at 9am Saturday because I’m a rebel and vodka is the new Chanel no. 5.

Keep the money for cloth and food, so I don’t starve and become a stinking shithead student that looks like 3 years ago’s fashion and a bucket of KFC bones.

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How I became fucked in the head

My life so far… A wet piece of crap on a mouldy piece of bread, shit sandwich.

Jobless (check)
Cloth less (check)
Homeless (check)

I blame astrology! I really hate horror-scopes but everything seems to happen in them correctly, I don’t wanna be a typical Gemini, when it comes to love they’re fucked, I’m always in two minds about everything!

Sagittarius moon makes me easy going and lucky, erm, scuse me? WHAT??

Sleep deprivation is a killer, and I can’t sleep, bad dreams, I miss my kitties!
😦 keep having dreams I’m falling, I reckon I’m sleep walking too, my feng shui is all out of wack!

Need my stuff! Need my bedroom, need my mum, no fuck her, shes a bad mother anyways, wasn’t really around for the terrible (influential) years probably why I’m a fucking fruit-loop!

I had some good baby sitters! One lass in particular, from treeton, don’t remember her name, just can remember vividly my mum helping her move out of her house where she had abusive parents (abusive mother) and she could live with us if she baby sat me.

Her mother wouldn’t allow it. She also wanted to go to university and something but she had abusive parents, always arguing, mum wanted to feel like the hero by putting her up, while she worked, like a big sister but not quite the same.

House of rules, for everyone bar mum, Joseph fritzel and my mother were in same league!

Dirty nappies aren’t quite the same when your rushed through potty training! I liked poo time, was my time to reflect on today’s activities, was a struggle to get me in bath though!

If I could stay naked my whole life I would! My body is gorgeous! If I could just go to a nudist beach and lay there I would!

I wanted to pick my clothes too, she always put me in fucking stupid floaty dresses, forced me to be a girly girl until I thought nope fuck off gimme some jeans and a t-shirt and let me dress myself.

I was a miniature her, HOW LUDACRIS! she had me to make herself feel better, and as soon as I decide to go to Uni, she drags me back.

I need to find Craig Hargate! My teacher, my best teacher, I fucking hated him, yet he was the best teacher I ever had, Mrs Wilks, my teacher, my best teacher, I fucking hated her, she was the best teacher I ever had.

I wasn’t a bad pupil, to be honest, I kept calling Mrs Wilks “mum” by accident, Mr Hargate said if I don’t go to university the education system will have failed me, the education system didn’t fail me, my mother failed to see I was quite educated.

My mother, I fucking loved her, she was the worst teacher I ever had.

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Career vs Love

Career vs Love
Can you possibly have both?
This day and age they’re clear values in life, money (security), family (security) and love (security).

Where’s the independence in that?

I’m off to Uni in 3 days from now, on my own, to succeed, no distractions from the people I love because I’ll want to love them, and even though I’m gonna miss them and want to pull myself away from my calling to be with them I’m kinda doing it for them as well.

It’s an individual goal for the sake of money (security), family (security) and love, because I wanna love my job!

Do we ever really grow up?
Peter pan exists to loads of people, he’s in most mid 30 single bachelors that are so set in there ways they won’t have anything less than perfect!

Tinkabell was perfect for him, but he didn’t see her, he was too busy sneaking in other little girls bedrooms to see he had perfection right on the end of his nightlamp.

Childhood sweethearts, a notebook of memories, watching that movie it makes me wince, it can still be like that today, the man can chase the woman, we got so busy focusing on something else that we forgot to do it for the only thing that matters, love.

Because love is one of the points of the triangle of security.
Money can’t by you happiness but it makes you secure, and so does love.
And family just happens naturally.

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When do insecurities get in the way, in the way of success, love, happiness?
When should we worry?

Being a woman of the 21st century ripe 20 years of age, I have bouts of loving and loathing myself!
Sometimes simultaneously, I find a positive, I equal it out with a negative, or visa versa if I feel I’m being too hard on myself.

Most women tend to victimise themselves to feel better, not owning up to there flaws, I can see this type of “help-me-love-myself” characteristic display in my mother daily!

Technically speaking, the optimistic view would be that we need negative traits to make the positive that oh-so more positive!

As to diminish these insecurities, thwart them, battle them. Destroy them.

For every “flaw” you have about yourself, can you honestly think about why it’s there or have a “trait” that kills it?

See I hate my nose, want it to be small and petite instead of roman and masculine, but if I did have the nose I wanted, would it suit my face?
Would it take the focus off my gorgeous eyes?

I want you to do this!!
Don’t come out with obscenities like “I’m ugly”, be specific, don’t scrutinise yourself that’s totally not the point.
But if I can get even the most insecure girls at least loving one part of themselves, then hopefully that’s a good job done!

I want you to do this 🙂 for me, please.

Age and standards

We have a perfect ideal scenario what we would like our life to be like, 2.4 children, athletic husband, supermodel wife, and then we have our standard and the standard amount of bullshit we are gonna take before we realise it’s not the ideal.
As we get older, does our standard get lower and the standard amount of bullshit increase as the deadline gets nearer?
Most women have a perfect age where they would like to be married, have children, buy a house, what about the men in world who have certain deadlines and family aspiration, where do they come in, or do they just sit on the edge and wait to be tucked in neatly to our plan!

Desperate times lead to desperate measures, but why should we take the shit because it’s not our ideal, I think “perfect” is out of the question unless your posh and becks, but never let your standard drop or you bullshit threshold get higher!

But maybe time is running out because your being a too picky.

1.What’s your ideal scenario of life and what are doing to achieve it?
2.What are your ideals and do you think you CAN achieve them?

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It was my first day back to my mind numbing job today as a Call Handler. The reason for my absence was a common one for the whole of the country; the weather. Snow was stopping everything and it’s also cost me four hours pay!

It originally cost me 12 hours pay but because I was desperate for the money back I agreed to do a gruelling 8 hour 9-5 shift. Am I retarded? Yes. Yes I am.

Although I am desperate for another job at a higher pay and better hours, I haven’t had the motivation to look for one, maybe this WALLOP of 8 hours in a job I hate might do me the trick, make me realise I want out asap and get myself on where i’ll be perfecting my CV.

In hindsight I want a job at a bank, because you can progress and become higher authority in the financial world. Also it’s a global prospect, you can do banking anywhere, money has no language just numbers and my maths skills have got increasingly great, while I have working in my current job where I’m doing maths on the top of my head, while I am also talking to a customer.

So here’s the gist!
I’ve just been into my bank, where I tried to withdraw some money (failed, forgot my ID) and was talking to a new starter, they get paid weekly, bonus, they get paid £2 more than me an hour on the basic cash counter job, bonus, and they train you all way through job, bonus!

I was told to bring a CV in store by one of the cash counter people and they will fast track it to head office for me!

Maybe that as well of the awful shift I have to do is the motivation I needed.

Question: when was the last time you needed motivating and how did it pay off? x

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