Study and work.

I got a call today from the new job I have lined up saying they had full time for me, which is fabulous, however it had one down side and that was that I therefore would have to wait a further week to start it, instead of starting on the 27th of Feb I’ll be starting on the 5th of March.

I am basically living on no money, living on air and the good graces of my mother, during the time I have to wait to start working however I will be finishing all my University things off, such as finance which I’m gonna crack on with tonight and accomodation, which I’ll research and then apply for more nearer March time.

Gonna live in my onepiece Onesie and get all my washing done, so I have loads of cute outfits for when I start work.

ImageLike RiHanna here, chillin in her slim fit baby romper! (Note to self, must get on american apparel and get the slim fitting onesies)

As soon as I get a big wage packet I’m booking and passing my test! I will be driving before I’m 21, ya hear!!! Papping off to Uni and hopefully cutting a deal with my job so I can keep some hours.



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