New Career… Stripping

My friend came to me with the idea the other day, and I was really surprised because she isn’t sexual at all, she’s attractive but she rarely gets horny, I’m more of a bubbly character and have gone straight up to people, well men and started chatting.

I actually googled how to become a stripper and found an article in the Guardian!! (conservative british newspaper) About a woman that has been made redundant at the age of 20, my age, has no career prospects and become a stripper for her mortgage payments, I’m in awe.

Apparently to be a stripper you need certain qualities

  1. Confident and Bubbly towards the opposite sex (Check )
  2. A workable look (check)
  3. A  toned body (check)
  4. The ability to dance (check)

This is my check list:

I will need 4″ or more heels, which I have, just gonna have to sort out the sexy from the smutty, but I have heels that tall. Three stage outfits, I have a sequin bikini that I bought from Magaluf, that I look mint in, I need a babydoll chemise set and a Smutty dress, Sexy Lingerie, does that even need an explanation? Baby wipes because they don’t taste very nice and if a customer licks you then he’s gonna get a god aweful taste in his mouth. Hairspray and gel, so style wont drop out, somewhere to keep money, (knicker pouch perhaps?), fake persona, yeah I won’t tell you guys that because i wanna keep my identity a secret, although i will be blogging my outfits and such.
Mixed music CD of the most sexiest songs, I’m gonna have to take a trip to a friends for some R’n’B because she is the queen at it, Garter, to keep £5ers in, Rubber Band to Roll up my money.


I actually wanna look totally different so I might invest in a dark wig, and some contact lenses to change my general aesthetics so if I do go for the local joint no one will recognise me
Cant wear Glitter or perfume because it gets on the clients clothes and then the girlfriends know about it, :-/ not a good idea. 

I will need my nails done, if I wanna be recognisable I need to not have my nails done uniqly because if i run into someone i know from the pub, then go into the pub and they see the stripper nails they are instantly going to know, so just casual french mani for now thank you, unfortunatley i dont have the money for a salon visit so stick-ons will have to do.
I’ll do my make up a darker shade than usuall too to add to the tanned/toned effect I will be doing with my body, its gonna cost me alot to start up.


For Clothes and Shoes for the stripper life

Right Lets Tott Up the Total for the audition

£07.50 Spray Tan
£29.99 Wax Roll On
£06.38 Body Mist

I need to learn a Dance routine in high heels, gonna do that tomorrow, get up early and sort myself out a mix CD, go down stairs with laptop and bust one out, keep you posted lovelies. 




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