Plastic Fantastic

Me in another universe

Look at that nose! Bitch!


Do you know how many years I’ve hated my sodding Roman/aquiline nose of mine?


8 years (since I was 12) of starting fights to hope that they’d get my right on the bridge, break it, I’d be rushed to hospital, get a nose job on the nhs because its bent backwards, and I’d end up with a little cute snub nose like t’old Barbara here.

Did you know?

That the snub nose is apparently the most attractive of all the noses, and even celebrities like Megan Fox, Cameron Diaz, Hilary Duff (no surprise) Gwen Stefini, Demi Moore, Lauren Conrad (ashamed!) and Rhianna (after Chris Brown, I mean did you see the width of it) have all had nose surgery.

These are my favourite faces, beautiful noses, I call this the duchess, snub nose, just cutely placed on the face, and not disrupting anything, eyebrows lead the top, the base isn’t massively round, I have a Gwen Stefani nose, with more of a deviated tip, here ive fucked about with her face on photoshop to show you the extent of my beast of a conk.

Normal Gwen, My nose Gwen

And heres one of me using liquify on photoshop, ireally didn’t know how to save it straight from Photoshop so I had to snap shot it instead :/


Someone buy me this please


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