When do insecurities get in the way, in the way of success, love, happiness?
When should we worry?

Being a woman of the 21st century ripe 20 years of age, I have bouts of loving and loathing myself!
Sometimes simultaneously, I find a positive, I equal it out with a negative, or visa versa if I feel I’m being too hard on myself.

Most women tend to victimise themselves to feel better, not owning up to there flaws, I can see this type of “help-me-love-myself” characteristic display in my mother daily!

Technically speaking, the optimistic view would be that we need negative traits to make the positive that oh-so more positive!

As to diminish these insecurities, thwart them, battle them. Destroy them.

For every “flaw” you have about yourself, can you honestly think about why it’s there or have a “trait” that kills it?

See I hate my nose, want it to be small and petite instead of roman and masculine, but if I did have the nose I wanted, would it suit my face?
Would it take the focus off my gorgeous eyes?

I want you to do this!!
Don’t come out with obscenities like “I’m ugly”, be specific, don’t scrutinise yourself that’s totally not the point.
But if I can get even the most insecure girls at least loving one part of themselves, then hopefully that’s a good job done!

I want you to do this 🙂 for me, please.


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