It was my first day back to my mind numbing job today as a Call Handler. The reason for my absence was a common one for the whole of the country; the weather. Snow was stopping everything and it’s also cost me four hours pay!

It originally cost me 12 hours pay but because I was desperate for the money back I agreed to do a gruelling 8 hour 9-5 shift. Am I retarded? Yes. Yes I am.

Although I am desperate for another job at a higher pay and better hours, I haven’t had the motivation to look for one, maybe this WALLOP of 8 hours in a job I hate might do me the trick, make me realise I want out asap and get myself on where i’ll be perfecting my CV.

In hindsight I want a job at a bank, because you can progress and become higher authority in the financial world. Also it’s a global prospect, you can do banking anywhere, money has no language just numbers and my maths skills have got increasingly great, while I have working in my current job where I’m doing maths on the top of my head, while I am also talking to a customer.

So here’s the gist!
I’ve just been into my bank, where I tried to withdraw some money (failed, forgot my ID) and was talking to a new starter, they get paid weekly, bonus, they get paid £2 more than me an hour on the basic cash counter job, bonus, and they train you all way through job, bonus!

I was told to bring a CV in store by one of the cash counter people and they will fast track it to head office for me!

Maybe that as well of the awful shift I have to do is the motivation I needed.

Question: when was the last time you needed motivating and how did it pay off? x

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3 thoughts on “MOTIVATION

  1. Anthony says:

    Well the first step is getting that CV out there isn’t it, WTG. I guess it’s all down to the type of work you do but I’m challenged on a daily basis and often working from home. It’s during the hours I put in at the home study, between meetings and conference calls that concentrating on the task at hand can be difficult, too many distractions. I guess like most things, when it gets tough, you stand back, take stock and stroll on.

  2. emmiemears says:

    I’m in rather the same boat, except I like my job. It just doesn’t pay nearly enough. The first step is definitely to get your CV out there. I just applied to two places yesterday and today. Also, be proactive. If you can speak with a manager, do. And always, always, always dress professionally when you’re looking for work. I’m shocked to see how some people come to my workplace asking to fill out applications–jeans and hooded jumpers…and they wonder why they don’t get an interview. Managers notice little things, like if you look confident or the strength of your handshake.

    Good luck!

    • bedroomtails says:

      Thank you very much for the tips, I want to look like a young professional now, I’m at that age where I’m growing up, my personal style is changing also.
      I need to invest in a good suit! x

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